Roof Painting in Ascot

Roof Painting in Ascot

Along with specialist cleaning services, our team can also offer roof painting to clients. This can dramatically improve the overall look of your roofing system - please get in touch for more information.

Roof Painting in Ascot

Our roof cleaning company also provides roof painting using various roof paints.

Whether you’ve just had a new roof installed or feel your existing roofing needs a good lick of paint, local roof painting in Ascot SL5 7 is now available to you cheaper than ever before. 

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As the closest painting experts many homes and families rely on, Roof-Armour is always proud to be able to help bring older installations back to life.  We’re able to paint roof tiles, supply a thorough spray service or protect your roofing against nuisance moss regrowth.

Roof painting in Ascot SL5 7 is just one of our specialities.  It's dangerous to take it all on yourself!  Why not get in touch with a nearby expert with all the best industry equipment and supplies?  For cosmetic and practical needs alike, we're always on hand to help. 

Painting your roofing system can protect it against wear and tear as well as moss growth – which can prove to be a genuine hassle if not taken care of right away. Find out about moss removal here -

Biocide Roof Painting Services

Our biocide roof coating service is popular with customers in our surrounding area for one good reason.  With just one application, protect your roof for years to come!  Moss can be a pain to deal with if left to grow. 

If you don't take care of it quickly enough, you may be at risk of your roof tiles expanding and cracking, which can of course provide further headaches for you elsewhere.  You're a' risk of water damage and more besides if you don't tackle moss head-on!

We use industrial biocide to coat the area ahead of painting to make sure moss has no way of affecting the end product.  Consider it a pesticide of sorts. 

Once the protective coat has been applied, our roof painter can then get on with painting your roofing in the colour and/or shade you desire.  Do make sure to speak to our team if you’re finding moss to be a regular problem, or if you’re worried about the potential damage it could bring.

Painting Roof Tiles

Painting roof tiles may seem easy enough, but we insist you leave such matters to the experts!  Hiring a local specialist in Ascot SL5 7 to take care of the roof coating for you will mean you can rest easy. 

You’ll always get professional results, and there’s no need for you to head up to the top of your house yourself with a bucket of paint!

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What’s more, our team paints tiles with industry-leading tools and paint as standard.  You won’t be able to find the same quality accessories and products on the wider market!  Hiring someone professional in your local area to paint your roofing system means you’ll save time and hassle. 

What’s more, you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll do a good enough job.  Our team has years of experience in maintaining and finishing all manner of roofing installations.

Roof Spray Painting

Roof spray painting is arguably the easiest, quickest and most effective way of getting the job done.  Professional painters will generally use a wide-reaching spray tool to generously cover the roof tiles you wish to be painted. 

This way, there’s never a risk of any minor nooks and crannies getting missed along the way.  Painting with a brush or roller system isn’t always the most efficient way of making sure everything is sufficiently coated – though it can vary from one roof to another, of course! 

Not everyone has the same type of roofing or the same tastes, which is why we make sure to understand your needs and installation before we get started.

Roof spray-painting is a highly effective way of making sure you get the results and the protection you need for your home.  Spray-painting can be applied through specialist equipment, for example. 

However, as mentioned, there may be other options available which may suit your needs a little better.  Don’t be afraid to come and have a chat with us about the ideal look you have in mind.

Roof Paint

Struggling to find high quality roof paint near me?  Knowing which type of roof paint to choose and what will look best can be tricky.  Armis Protect ( will be able to help you make the right selection from a huge range of paint types and colours.

  • The type of roof paint which is best for you will depend on its construction and finish. You may have a tiled roof, a metal one or one made out of fibreglass.  Either way, we know which paint works best to which ends.
  • Generally, acrylic paint works best for the vast majority of suburban roofing. However, specialist paint can be supplied for cement or concrete surfaces as required.
  • We make sure to have UV paint to hand for all our clients. Resistant painting will allow your roofing to not only look great for years to come, but will also protect you against anything the elements have to throw against you.
  • Ask our team about our brilliant range of colours, too. Your choice may vary, but we pride ourselves on having a keen eye for which colours look best for certain buildings.  If your heart is set on something eye-catching, just let us know!
  • Preparing your roofing for paint is simple enough, and we will undertake this for you. It’s simply a case of getting things clean and clear for ease of painting!

Our roofing contractors also advise you consider spray-painting your roofing with expert help during drier months.  This is so that the roof paint has the chance to dry within the correct timescales!

Our team would always recommend cleaning the area before painting (please click here to find out about costs of cleaning If you would like a quote for both of these services, please get in touch.

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Are you looking for nearby roof coating help from a team of seasoned experts?  Armis Protect is a local firm with years of specialised experience in high quality roof painting in Ascot SL5 7 along with maintenance and more besides. 

No matter the look, shape or construction of your roof tiles or roofing system, give us a call and we will always be on hand to help. We provide various roof coatings as well as roof cleaning services and roof repairs.

We can also clean your driveway to improve the overall look of your home.

Fill in our contact form now for a free quote, or to arrange a site survey with us at your convenience.  Let’s get your home looking fantastic – and let’s protect it against the elements, too.

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